Community Action Awards 2014 - 2016

Working together to tackle fuel poverty in local communities, in association with the Department of Energy and Climate Change and British Gas.

CAA Award: The Phase 5 Winners

Harrow Council –Harrow Warm Homes Healthy People

The aim of the project is to provide a sustainable intervention that will reduce the impact of the winter temperatures by improving energy efficiency in homes of older people and other vulnerable groups and reduce the likelihood of hospital admission and households living in fuel poverty. The programme offers vulnerable households across the borough a free home visit from a qualified Energy Advisor who advises residents how to keep warm in their home, whilst reducing their fuel bills. The scheme is promoted to residents 65 and over and/or suffering from a long term medical condition or disability, but if a household presents themselves with a need or in crisis but they do not fall into either of these groups they will still be offered a home visit.

Middlesbrough Environment City – ESOL Energy in the Home Programme

The project provides energy efficiency advice to Middlesbrough residents with a first language other than English. Through the training, participants improve their knowledge of energy efficiency, increasing their ability to manage their energy usage and save money, understand of the links between affordable warmth and good health, and improve their English language skills. Interactive sessions will be delivered by MEC staff within the community venues familiar to the participants. Promotion is mainly through word of mouth, working with partner agencies that currently work with the target groups to make referrals and the project will address issues of social isolation.

Cumbria Action for Sustainability – Village Energy Champions

The project will recruit and equip 10 energy champions from villages and small towns throughout the Eden District who will then provide fuel cost and energy efficiency saving advice within households. The project will train and support champions to provide face-to-face bills and energy saving advice and help to access services and grants. The aims are to reduce fuel costs, bring environmental benefits and to obtain safer, warmer homes for vulnerable people through advice provided by a team of Energy Champions.

VIRIDIS – Fuel Poverty and Related Health Risks Training Programme

VIRIDIS has developed a certificated Fuel Poverty Co-ordinator Training Programme pilot which includes: 1. Fuel poverty – what it is, what it does, how it is overcome; 2. Solutions to fuel poverty; and 3. Signposting for additional support. The project looks to expand the pilot programme and roll it out to non-VIRIDIS partners, including partners working with hard-to-reach groups and the health sector. The aim of this project is to train frontline staff in cross-sector energy advice to help residents to take action, cut energy costs and reduce incidents of fuel poverty.