Our Story & Vision

A Mission To End Fuel Poverty

Our thirty year vision, partnership and commitment to tackling fuel poverty.

Innovation In Tackling Fuel Poverty

Both NEA and British Gas have long recognised the benefits of promoting and sharing good practice in our local communities, and for a number of years have run joint award schemes which reward local initiatives that demonstrate excellence and innovation in tackling fuel poverty and improving energy efficiency.

A Brief History

NEA and British Gas have a long history of working in partnership to tackle fuel poverty and to improve energy efficiency. As NEA's first corporate sponsor, British Gas has supported the charity for over 30 years to deliver training, projects, and campaigns that help to address the heating and insulation issues of low-income households. Our partnership has enabled us to reach individuals and communities from across the UK.

A New Era

Over the years the landscape in which both organisations operate has changed dramatically and our activities have evolved to react to this. Our partnership remains as strong as ever and as our relationship enters a new era we invite community stakeholders to make use of the resources that the community action partnership has generated and start their own initiatives.

Innovative Frameworks & Solutions

Enabling Communities To Sustainably Tackle Fuel Poverty

Leading The Fight Against Fuel Poverty

NEA is the national charity which campaigns and works to improve and promote energy efficiency to bring social, environmental, housing and employment benefits in communities. NEA aims to eradicate fuel poverty by working in partnership with central and local government, energy suppliers, housing providers, consumer groups and voluntary organisations around the United Kingdom.

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At The Forefront of Affordable Energy For Homes

British Gas is the UK's leading energy supplier, and serves nearly half of the country's homes, as well as providing energy to over 900,000 UK businesses. Leading the industry in smart metering, energy efficiency, British Gas is firmly committed to helping customers reduce their energy consumption and cut costs with a range of energy saving measures.

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Shaping Policy

The Community Action Partnership provides an insight into the realities of delivering fuel poverty activities at a local level, demonstrating if and how Government policies are being translated into action that makes a difference.The learnings that arise from such initiatives are measurable against the statistics produced by Government.


Effective Strategy

Local Authorities are very often the focal point for fuel poverty strategy and practical action in a locality, developing cross-agency links to tackle multiple issues effectively and efficiently. Knowledge, learning and resources developed through the Community Action Partnership will help local authorities and their partners to demonstrate the many local benefits to tackling fuel poverty.


National & Local

Enabling tenants to maximise their income and spend less on energy can not only provide financial, health & social benefits to the householder but it can also result in improvements to the property, less damage through mould and condensation and makes housing more affordable. The experience of the Community Action Partnership can help private and social landlords to help their tenants.


Raising Awareness

Groups and societies develop their own 'micro-community', connecting people with similar interests, and are ideally placed to support their members in various different ways. The Community Action Partnership has worked with many groups and societies to bring innovative (and sometimes fun!) energy efficiency and fuel bill advice to members, enhancing the benefit of their involvement and building stronger communities.