The CAP Project

Enabling Community Action Networks

Fuel Poverty Action

National Energy Action in partnership with British Gas developed and delivered a comprehensive community investment programme across eight localities in England and Wales between April 2014 and March 2016. We named it the Community Action Partnership (CAP).

The wider aim of the Community Action Partnership was to work with local authorities and partners to bring affordable energy to residents through practical activities and the evaluation of their impact on improving individuals lives and the prosperity of communities.

CAP Impact Report 2016

The Community Action Partnership 2016 Impact report is now available!

Details on how the CAP programme has affected the lives of thousands of people around the UK, our statistical analysis and look at the lessons we've learned over the last two years.

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Community Action Objectives

Core Framework Areas Of Focus

In order to meet our aims and maximise the overall effectiveness of the Community Action Partnership, we developed a framework of core strategic objectives.


Community Regeneration

Support wider social and economic benefits including employment prospects and regeneration.


Support Consumers

Help engage vulnerable consumers in the energy market and support digital and financial inclusion.


Strategic Objectives

Support the Government aims with their Community Energy Strategy & Fuel Poverty Strategy.


Develop Networks

Help build and sustain effective partnerships with private, public and voluntary networks.


Private Rented Sector

Increase knowledge of energy efficiency and fuel poverty policy within the private rented sector.


Energy Efficiency

Help consumers reduce energy use through energy efficiency education and behavioural change.


Recognition & Reward

Reward best practice in delivering projects through the Community Action Award Scheme.


Public Health

Contribute to Health and Wellbeing strategies and demonstrate the positive impact on public health.

For each objective we designed a toolkit of practical deliverable activities for use by local authorities and partners. In the initial stages we worked with each locality to identify the unique challenges they faced and create tailored action plans for their specific identified objectives.


Launches/Community Events


People Reached


Stakeholders Reached


Frontline Staff Trained

Community Action Plans

Community action plans were created with partners to provide documented strategy, planning, scheduling and KPI measurement for all of the fuel poverty tackling deliverables within a locality. Using action plans, community stakeholders were able to independently deploy their initiatives with ongoing review, support and guidance from the CAP coordinators.

Identify Strategic Objectives

Help partners identify and document key strategic objectives within their locality

Governance Consideration

Provide advice and insight on local and national legislation and programmes

Fuel Poverty Initiative Planning

Planning, scheduling & logistical assistance for fuel poverty tackling initiative partners


Ongoing Advice & Insight

Impart information and updates on multiple factors that affect initiative development

Practical Support & Networks

Provide ongoing support & access to further networks for partners and local authorities

KPI Framework & Measurement

Develop & monitor KPIs frameworks and advise partners on parameter changes

For more information on NEA's services which could support your Community Action Plan, please contact us via

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    Awareness Raising

    For local authority officers and other front line workers to enable them to identify vulnerability to fuel poverty and refer sources of assistance.

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Fuel Poverty

Community Initiatives

Below are examples of the type of community initiative against fuel poverty that the community action plans supported. Activities were measured against performance indicators along the way to ensure that delivery was responsive to changes in locality situation, legislation and funding.

Help Me Start My Own Initiative
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    Community Engagement

    Through workshops, training, events, seminars, fund raising and support groups

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What Activities Did CAP Deliver?

Over two years CAP delivered an innovative range of support, planning, assistance and community activities to local authorities, organisations and individuals across the UK, uniquely tailoring each project based on stakeholder requirements, situational factors, locality and budget.

Community Action Awards

Industry Wide | Nationwide

Recognition for councils, charities, stakeholders and industry persons for their hard work and the differences they have made regionally.


Community Literature & Resources

Local Authority | Frontline Workers

Raising awareness and giving frontline workers the tools needed to recognise those who require help, directly impacting the fuel poor.


Community Action Initiatives

Practical Deliverable Activities Aimed At Tackling Fuel Poverty

More Community Action Find Initiatives Near Me