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CAP Project 2014 - 2016

CAP Project 2014 - 2016

Our work supporting fuel poverty community initiatives in eight localities around the UK has been tremendously rewarding. Rewarding for us, the stakeholders and, of course, residents in those communities. Our joined up approach to tackling the issues has allowed us to develop and increase our learnings for future strategies and resources.

CAP In Liverpool

Working With Liverpool City Council

Support in the delivery of community events, hosted a Merseyside Fuel Poverty Summit and received training for their frontline staff through e-learning.

Liverpool CC was the lead delivery partner and facilitated the establishment of a steering group to oversee and direct the programme and connected CAP to other relevant boards/committees. The Council’s credibility and strength in the locality positioned CAP as an important programme.

Liverpool CC worked with NEA and British Gas to develop a bespoke action plan to maximise the opportunities for the City through CAP. The action plan included awareness raising and training for frontline staff, so increasing capacity to support the fuel poor, the development of interactive energy efficiency games to engage more effectively with householders and the delivery of the Merseyside Fuel Poverty Summit to bring together and inform local decision makers and practitioners.


Community Events


People Reached


Stakeholders Reached


Frontline Staff Trained

CAP Project In
Barking & Dagenham

London Borough of Barking & Dagenham Council

The local authority assisted with stakeholder engagement, holding a consultation workshop for local partner agencies. The local authority also managed the steering group.

Barking & Dagenham Details


Local authority Environmental Health Officers benefitted from a HHSRS training course which provided them with greater awareness of the implications of an assessment identifying excess cold in a property. Local authority staff, alongside staff from partner agencies, also benefitted from NEA’s Energy Awareness and Fuel Debt training courses. In addition, staff and service users at the 6 Children’s Centres in the locality also participated in energy awareness sessions which will allow them to provide basic energy advice and support to service users and to refer householders for further assistance where appropriate.

Some considerable time was spent at the beginning of the project to establish links and contacts within the locality. Projects delivered in areas where existing networks are already in place are more likely to get underway quicker.

CAP In Greater Manchester

Working With Stakeholders Across The Area

There were several local authorities that CAP worked closely within the Greater Manchester locality. Oldham, Salford, Tameside, Trafford and Wigan all benefited from tailored nurturing from CAP. Between them they received City & Guilds Level 3 Energy Awareness Courses, Fuel Debt Advice NVQ Level 2 courses, help with trainee recruitment to other courses and individual profiling reports.

Tameside Metropolitan Borough Council

A Fuel Poverty and Health Risk Profiling Report which provided a situation report and tool to better understand energy vulnerability-related risk factors, the scale of the problem in Tameside, and highlight the evidence-base for investment in energy efficiency to help achieve the health and wellbeing priorities of Tameside’s Healthy Lives Group with a commitment to include fuel poverty as a priority within Tameside’s new Commissioning Strategy.

Data in the report also supported rationale for a transformation proposal around a boiler replacement scheme linked to primary care and management of COPD for residents in Tameside.


Community Events


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Stakeholders Reached


Frontline Staff Trained

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CAP And Warm Up North

Warm Up North is an initiative between the local councils in the North East and British Gas created to help households throughout the North East to save money and stay warm.

Community Action Northumberland (CAN) is one of 38 Rural Community Councils across England and aims to benefit and help sustain rural communities in Northumberland.

Both organisations led the development and delivery of their respective projects, bringing together potential partners and facilitating action on the ground.

Two very distinct projects were able to be supported in the Warm Up North area; by supporting the Community Challenge initiative, CAP was able to provide fuel poverty awareness sessions for frontline staff and workers to help them to identify householders in need of help and make referrals to other local services.

The Community Energy Agents initiative devised by Community Action Northumberland (CAN) resulted in the delivery of fuel poverty awareness-raising sessions but with the emphasis on recruiting rural Energy Agents who would go on to advise and support residents in their communities.


Community Events


People Reached


Stakeholders Reached


Frontline Staff Trained

CAP In Cardiff

Working With City of Cardiff Council

Strategic support for the Cardiff Affordable Warmth Partnership and Affordable Warmth Strategy and Action Plan. Training for staff on fuel poverty and fuel debt and accompanying fuel poverty referral resources.

Cardiff Details

Affordable Warmth Partnership


Community Events


People Reached


Stakeholders Reached


Frontline Staff Trained

CAP In Enfield

Working With Enfield Council

Enfield Council brought together key partners in the Borough to guide and participate in CAP. The Council not only worked to maximise local involvement in CAP activities but also ensured that the agreed action plan aligned with Enfield 2020, the borough’s sustainability programme.

Enfield Details


Enfield Council considered that the first task for CAP was to help develop an affordable warmth action plan for the Borough, from which key activities to be supported by CAP would be identified.

A comprehensive programme of activity was agreed for the CAP programme to support which focussed on building capacity to support the fuel poor and enhancing the local referral network resulting in awareness sessions and training for frontline staff and support for the local referral network.

Involvement in CAP directly contributed towards additional investment into fuel poverty activity in the Borough. CAP was also able to support local events such as Enfield Over 50's Forum’s annual Older People’s Day event, giving information and advice to residents.


Community Events


People Reached


Stakeholders Reached


Frontline Staff Trained

CAP In Northamptonshire

Working With Northamptonshire County Council

The aim of the plan developed with Northamptonshire County Council and its partners was to establish and co-ordinate activities that would reduce the impact of fuel poverty on households at risk.


Community Events


People Reached


Stakeholders Reached


Frontline Staff Trained

Northamptonshire Details

Making A Difference

The main objective was to establish a county-wide, multi-agency referral network which enables existing agencies providing support for vulnerable householders to cross-refer householders to each other in order to facilitate a more holistic service for individuals.

Training across the county for frontline staff and local groups linked with the production of an online Community Directory which provides details of local services for vulnerable householders have provided the foundations for a single-point-of-contact health and housing referral service.

CAP And Walsall

Walsall Council and Walsall Housing Group

WHG helped to initiate CAP in Walsall working with NEA and British Gas to develop a local action plan which was subsequently delivered with a range of partners. Walsall Council supported the delivery of the action plan and, in particular, led the development of a consultation workshop to produce a plan for future fuel poverty priorities.

CAP brought a new focus on fuel poverty for Walsall. It centred on increasing capacity to support the fuel poor by providing training and awareness sessions for frontline staff, local groups and residents.

The programme was able to work with a wide range of organisations and groups such as Steps to Work and Accord Group to name but a few.

Importantly, local partners recognised the need for a sustainable approach to tackling fuel poverty and requested that, at the end of the programme, CAP facilitated the production of a fuel poverty priorities plan which will leave the locality with clear direction going forward.


Community Events


People Reached


Stakeholders Reached


Frontline Staff Trained

Working With Regional Leaders

Shaping Policy, Influencing Strategy

Our work alongside councils and charities has seen a decrease in the number of residents affected by fuel poverty. By continuing working with different sector members and sharing best practices the impact can be reduced further still.

Community Action Growth 2014 - 2016

Since CAP started we've seen a steady increase in the number of trained practitioners and engaged community stakeholders in our key regions.

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