Community Action

How Fuel Poverty Community Action Helps

What is community action, and why does it matter?

Community action is the pulling together of sectors to reliably tackle fuel poverty sustainably. CAP provided these tools and assisted in creating blueprint for best practices.

The Benefits Of Community Action:

Community engagement refers to the process by which CAP and individuals build ongoing, permanent relationships for the purpose of applying a collective vision of fuel poverty elimination for the benefit of all. Whilst organising initiatives involves the process of building a grassroots movement involving communities, community engagement deals with the practice of moving communities toward change.
A cohesive community is one where there is a common vision and a sense of belonging for all communities, irrespective of their socioeconomic, religious or cultural backgrounds. The diversity of people's different backgrounds and circumstances are appreciated and positively valued. CAP believes that those from different backgrounds should have similar life opportunities; and access to these opportunities.
Community regeneration, and the aim of regeneration in general, is to enable communities that have suffered from economic, social and environmental decline to be able to rebuild their own communities. The focus of CAP and their stakeholders is on improving the living conditions of residents and empowering them to build on what knowledge they have and take forward what they have gained.

Community Engagement

Individuals building ongoing and permanent relationships.

Community Cohesion

A common vision and a sense of belonging for all residents.

Community Regeneration

Enabling communities in decline to rebuild themselves.

Enabling Sustained Community Innovation & Cooperation

We developed an innovative model that enabled key sections of communities to come together and form coherent, reliable networks that could work alongside authorities to tackle their own local fuel poverty challenges, using a cost effective, sustainable and proven framework. Coming together gets things moving!

By supporting community networks comprised of organisations, local authorities and businesses, we enabled teams of skilled, committed stakeholders to diagnose the challenges specific to their area and tackle fuel poverty together, sustainably.

Community action is not about big budgets or complexity; the CAP core principles were about bringing people from all walks of life together to work on practical initiatives and activities that promote simple, but highly effective measures to raise awareness of the problem, transmit practical frontline knowledge and share advice on relevant topics around fuel poverty to as many people as possible.

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Awareness Raising Campaigns

Resident groups are great for raising awareness. Also there are residents who attend these sessions who you can enlist to help spread the word as energy champions.

Workshops & Sessions

For residents and key workers alike these valuable sessions are for building and sharing knowledge on energy efficiency and the impact of fuel poverty in their area.

Recognition & Reward Schemes

From the Heat Hero Awards that acknowledge those who help communities in fuel poverty to the new Energy Impact Awards that recognise innovation amongst agencies.

Training & Qualifications

In recent years we have developed a range of City & Guilds qualifications as well as a number of CPD-certified half-day and one-day courses and e-learning packages.

Advice Network Development

Joined up approaches to knowledge sharing and key worker referral checklists ensure consistent advice and delivery for frontline workers and their clients.

Energy Efficiency Open Days

Fun, factual initiatives bring together local authorities, charities, community groups and residents’ groups in real grass roots tackling of energy efficiency locally.


Energy Bingo

NEA: Liverpool

Councillors Ann O’Byrne and Steve Radford made it a full house when they joined local Liverpool residents to play energy efficiency bingo – a game which incorporates energy saving tips - and learn more about staying warm in their homes. Continue Reading...


Advice Workshops

NEA: Enfield

Simon Heaton lives in Enfield and volunteers with the Over 50s Forum. He read about the energy efficiency 'train the trainer' sessions offered through the Community Action Partnership and decided to get involved... Continue Reading...


Community Volunteers

Walsall Housing Group: Walsall

A look at one Walsall resident, Jimmy Lawlor, who learned more than he hoped for attending a simple training workshop. He has since gone on to promote what he learned to friends and family... Continue Reading...

Community Action Near Me

Find Community Action Initiatives In Your Area

The vital message of energy saving and fuel poverty is being challenged near you. There are lots of intiatives going on locally. Find out more about your region by using our community action directory.

Community Action Near Me

What Activities Did CAP Deliver?

Over two years CAP delivered an innovative range of support, planning, assistance and community activities to local authorities, organisations and individuals across the UK, uniquely tailoring each project based on stakeholder requirements, situational factors, locality and budget.

Community Action Awards

Industry Wide | Nationwide

Recognition for councils, charities, stakeholders and industry persons for their hard work and the differences they have made regionally.


Community Literature & Resources

Local Authority | Frontline Workers

Raising awareness and giving frontline workers the tools needed to recognise those who require help, directly impacting the fuel poor.


Join The Fight Against Fuel Poverty

If you would like to get involved tackling fuel poverty through community action, please have a look at the following sections. You might want to start with case studies to see how other people have made a difference in their community, and then when you're ready, head over to the toolkit or knowledge & resources page to find and download resource articles that are relevant to your objectives. Good luck!


Your Community Action Initiative

Got ideas for your own fuel poverty tackling initiatives? Our resource toolkit can help stakeholders get started or build on their existing knowledge.

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