Increasing Capacity
to Tackle Fuel Poverty

Localised Workshops

What are Localised Workshops?

To build capacity to identify and tackle fuel poverty in each locality and neighbourhood, we need to enlist the support of a diverse range of individuals and groups, including those for whom fuel poverty would not be part of their core remit.

These Localised Workshops can be used to educate, update and raise awareness, but equally, they can be used for local authorities, charities and community organisations to work with community members and engage them on issues that they might not normally associate as part of their role but where they can make a difference.

We have to acknowledge that each neighbourhood and locality is different. Neighbourhoods might vary across different cultures, socio-economic backgrounds, industries, age demographic etc.

Therefore, workshops are a really effective way of flexibly adapting to localities by embracing difference using a variety of approaches to respond to the types of attendees being targeted.

In summary, Localised Workshops recognise that a one size approach does not fit all. They can be hosted individually or by multiple organisations in a partnership approach to ensure that the right people are engaged, are involved and are kept informed. Localised Workshops allow for two-way information to be provided between locality and organisations to help targeted approached and grass-root learning.

Why might I want to run a Localised Workshop?

Running workshops in your local area will offer a quick and effective method of increasing the reach of your services and information to those who are most vulnerable. It might be that you are a local authority and only have a limited amount of time or money to raise awareness of services that could help vulnerable households who might be in fuel poverty. A workshop offers an inclusive way of inviting members of the community from your area to attend and have their say, as well as learning from the information you intend to provide.

This website provides a free, extensive fuel poverty resource for organisations to use to host Localised Workshops, which has downloadable material that can be used at workshops to raise awareness of fuel poverty in a fun and interactive setting. The hard work has been taken out of organising Localised Workshops with the online fuel poverty resource, as everything is available to download and personalise.

Once a date and time is set for your workshop, posters and flyers can be distributed to those you are targeting using your colleagues who cover different localities within the targeted area. We have templates that you can use to make this process as easy as possible. For these and other resources designed specifically for organisations to hold Localised Workshops, please see our Localised Workshop Kit.

One way to further extend your reach might be to use workshops to recruit Energy Champions. It might be that the resources within your organisation are limited and that by having community members who are skilled to deliver basic advice, you can cover more ground with fewer people. Please see our Energy Champions Kit, which contains a range of downloadable materials that have been designed for the ease of organisations who might want to recruit and train Energy Champions.

To pull all of this activity together into a cohesive plan that aligns with other local priorities and objectives, it might also be beneficial to consider developing an affordable warmth action plan. To support this, we have designed an Affordable Warmth Kit that that can be used to design a steering group, a draft strategy document, a draft affordable warmth action plan and a development process to ensure that objectives are being systematically met.

How Localised Workshops Have Helped UK Communities

Between 2016 and 2017 we delivered 16 Localised Workshops across England and Wales with the aim of enthusing and equipping community-level stakeholders to use this Community Action on Fuel Poverty website as a resource for developing their own community fuel poverty plans and activities.

Attendees were updated on the CAP project, given a guided tour around this website and shown the free resources that are available for anyone to download. The intended outcome of the workshops was to provide face to face action planning to help organisations understand how to take the next step towards raising awareness of fuel poverty, energy efficiency and affordable warmth in their area.

At each workshop, Energy Bingo, a downloadable resource available on the website, was demonstrated. Energy Bingo is like normal bingo, but enables players to receive energy tips for each number called out. The feedback provided for this game was that it was extremely engaging, held people's attention and helped people to learn effortlessly. It became clear that Energy Bingo could be used to engage various groups of people.

An 'Ideas into Action' sheet was completed by each workshop attendee to record different activities that their organisation could plan and organise; who the beneficiaries of this activity would be, and what the reach of this would be. A timescale was noted, as well as whether any extra help would be required from other organisations, including other organisations that might be in the workshop with them on that day.

An evaluation of the 244 attendees showed that 98% would likely or definitely take action as a result of attending the workshops.

This demonstrates the effectiveness of tackling fuel poverty through localised and targeted activity.

In order to incentivise attendees to carry out further localised events to raise awareness, a prize draw was carried out offering £100 towards a fuel poverty tackling event, which was awarded to one winner at each workshop.

Localised Workshop Case Study

Winterton Disabled Group

Members from Winterton Disabled Group attended our Localised Workshop in November 2016. They entered the prize draw and were fortunate to win the £100 that was offered to be used towards a fuel poverty tackling event in their area.

Winterton Disabled Group chose to use the prize money to hold a 2 hour energy awareness event at the local Methodist Church Hall.

They gave general energy efficiency information to attendees using the Guess The Wattage game from the Resources Section of this website. They also chose to give out items, such as energy efficient light bulbs and room thermometers to raise awareness of the cost benefits of being more energy efficient.

Local organisations, such as North Lincolnshire Council provided leaflets with valuable information on who could be contacted for further energy advice and financial support.

Other organisations from the community were invited to display their work and activities to raise awareness of wider schemes and support in the area.

The prize money was used to hire a minibus from Age UK to enable people to attend who, due to mobility issues, might not otherwise have been able to. In total 48 people attended.

Thanks to the actions of Winterton Disabled Group, more local people have increased confidence and knowledge around energy efficiency and affordable warmth and they now know more about other local services too!

Running Your Own Localised Workshop

Running Localised Workshops for leaders/members of local community groups can help increase capacity to tackle fuel poverty whilst connecting with some harder to reach people. Benefit from the experiences of others by using this guide to help you develop and deliver a workshop in your area.

Download the Localised Workshop Kit for your own fuel poverty tackling workshop, which includes:

  • Guide to developing and delivering a workshop
  • Template PowerPoint presentation to deliver
  • Template flyer/poster
  • Attendance sheet
  • Energy Bingo introduction and instructions
  • Energy Bingo Caller's Cards
  • 'Ideas into Action' planning template
  • Prize draw consent form template