The Priority Services Register

Additional Services For Individuals In Need

What is The Priority Services Register?

The Priority Services Register (PSR) is a free service provided by energy suppliers and Network Operators that provides additional services to individuals in need. These additional services make sure that the service provided to them is accessible, and that the energy company knows they might need extra help, for example, if their electricity supply is cut off unexpectedly.

The PSR can also be used so that energy companies and network operators know who they need to contact and target if planned work is to be carried out.

Ensuring Energy Supply

An example of this might be if an individual requires electricity to operate a stair lift or breathing apparatus. If planned work was expected, the supplier or Network Operator would arrange for either temporary accommodation to be provided for the duration of the break in electricity, or alternatively, they would arrange for an electricity generator to be placed by the property to ensure a constant flow in electricity.

Who can be put on the Priority Services Register?

You can receive the services available if you:

  • Are of pensionable age
  • Are disabled or chronically sick
  • Have a long-term medical condition
  • Have a hearing or visual impairment or additional communication needs
  • Are in a vulnerable situation

Classifying A Vulnerable Situation

There are a wide range of circumstances that could be deemed a vulnerable situation when determining PSR eligibility; however, some examples include:

Customers with certain mental health conditions which might impact on them understanding their bill.

Temporary circumstances where a customer needs extra support for a limited amount of time.

Customers who cannot top up their pre-payment meter due to injury or chronic illness.

People living with children under the age of five years.

What Difference Can The PSR Make?

The PSR can make a difference to individuals that might require a little further assistance when accessing services. It may also make a difference to those who might struggle to read their meter due to health conditions.

Some additional services offered by the PSR are:

  • Accessible documents
  • Quarterly meter reading
  • Password protection scheme (to safely identify people coming to your property)
  • Approved nominee to discuss an account on the individual's behalf
  • Meters moved to more accessible areas (if applicable)
  • Arrangement to make sure it is safe and practical to have a prepayment meter
  • Free annual gas safety check (if applicable)
  • Advance notice of power cuts or planned work
  • Priority service in an emergency

How can someone be put on the Priority Services Register?

Each energy supplier and Network Operator has their own PSR and the services offered by each can vary slightly. Someone can apply to the energy supplier or Network Operator on the customer’s behalf in order to put them on the PSR.

To be placed on the PSR or to place someone on the PSR, please speak to your energy company by using the contact details listed below. In some instances, there are online application forms that can be completed.

British Gas

Telephone: 0800 072 8625 (or 0800 294 8604 for prepayment customers)
Text phone: 18001 0800 072 8626

Co-operative Energy

Telephone: 0800 954 0693 or 01926 516152

EDF Energy

Telephone: 0800 269 450
Text phone: 0800 096 2929
Free post: Free post link


Telephone: 0333 202 4760
Text phone: 0800 056 6560 (or if an individual is deaf they can contact E.ON by emailing


Telephone: 0808 172 6999
Text phone: 0800 413 016
Online: Online application link

OVO Energy

Telephone: 0800 5999 440 or 01179 303 100 (or 0800 358 3523 or our landline number 01173 701 041 if have a prepayment meter)
Online: Online application link
PDF Application: PDF application link

Scottish Power

Telephone: 0800 027 0072

Southern Electric

Telephone: 0800 622 838
Text phone: 0800 622 839
Online form: Online application link
British Sign Language Interpretation: Sign language link

What if my energy supplier isn't shown here?

If your energy supply hasn’t been listed here, please contact your energy supplier by contacting the general contact centre number that you will find on your energy statement and ask them to transfer you to the Priority Services Team.

If you do not know who your energy supplier is, Ofgem has provide the following information:

Who is my gas supplier?

Call the Meter Point Administration Service to get details of your gas supplier. They can also give you your Meter Point Reference Number, or MPRN. Telephone: 0870 608 1524

Who is my electricity supplier?

To find out which electricity utility supplier supplies a property, contact your local electricity distribution company. Use the Energy Networks Association postcode search tool.

Further Offsite Resources:

Ofgem Website

The Ofgem website has some great additional information about PSR for householders.

Visit Ofgem Website

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