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Thank you for your interest in CAP. We cherish the idea that with determination, direction and practical knowledge, anyone can join the fight against UK fuel poverty, regardless of previous experience, innate ability or budget. Community fuel poverty tackling can be simple, minimal budget and effective!

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CAP Impact Report 2016

Find out how CAP affected thousands of people.

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A quick introduction

Watch our quick introduction video to get primer on the Community Action Partnership project and how this website can help you to achieve your fuel poverty tackling goals.

Online resource hub for UK community stakeholders of any level.

Our aim for this site is to allow free access to resources, knowledge and contacts to enable people, no matter what their experience level, challenge the issues of fuel poverty in the areas they work and live in. Assisting them to make sustainable changes in their communities.

Of course, you can dive straight into the Resources and Downloads section of the site but you may feel a little guidance may be in order. This is your site and we want you to get everything you need from it but to start you off we have a few suggestions for you depending on which area you identify with.

First Steps: Beginners

We were all beginners at some point so try the Our Story section and visit the CAP Project page first, this gives you an introduction as to what we are all about, what support we can give and what types of initiatives we have run in the past. Then visit the Knowledge and Resource section to take the Quickstart Toolkit Quiz, which will allow us to recommend content for you straight away.

CAP Project Quickstart Quiz

First Steps: Energy Champions

Interested in becoming an Energy Champion or you already are one? Our case studies page has a few fantastic and inspiring stories from lovely people just like yourselves who wanted to do more in their community. Be inspired by their commitment then head on over to the Knowledge and Resource section to our Community Engagement resources where you’ll find loads of handy tips.

Case Studies Resources

First Steps: Frontline Workers

Those of you working directly with potential sufferers of fuel poverty will understand how much of an impact you can have. Try our Quickstart Toolkit Quiz to narrow down the articles and resources you may benefit from. Then use our Referral Pathway kit on the Knowledge and Resource section to access client checklists, examples of good practice and directories for advice.

Quickstart Quiz Referral Pathways

First Steps: Local Authorities

Wanting to make a difference in your community? Let us guide you through the journeys of other councils and Local Authorities. Look at the Showcases and Highlight in the Our Stary section to see what successes other councils have had with CAP. From there find your way to the Quickstart Toolkit on the Knowledge and Resource page to guide you to the right downloadable resources.

Showcases & Highlights Quickstart Quiz

First Steps: Charities

No matter what your budget is there are resources to help your clients here. Out of the Initiative Starter Kits try our Community Engagement and Bill Management Open Day kits in the Knowledge and Resources section. There you will also find the Networking link; you’ll find you can start to build up your own connections to help your charity meet its targets and really make a difference.

Community Engagement Bill Management

Top Tips For Practitioners