Referral Pathway Kit

Example Referral Pathway Kit

Referral pathway checklists for use with clients.

This starter kit contains resources, guides and examples of good practice to help you recognise those residents who may suffer from fuel poverty.


Funding support

Warm Home Discount (WHD) is a government-led scheme regulated by Ofgem that offers extra support to customers who may be struggling to afford their energy.


NEA Website

The National Energy Action (NEA) website provides a huge resource containing information and statistics around fuel poverty, energy efficiency and affordable warmth. It contains projects that have, and are taking place; as well as information about training courses to help improve skills and knowledge around fuel poverty.


Referral Toolkit For Frontline Workers

An example of a handy reference guide that provides frontline workers with a definition of fuel poverty and details what to look and listen for in order to determine whether someone is struggling to manager their energy bills. The document also includes information about practical support that is available.


Referral Flowchart Reference

A diagram that provides a concise visual representation of the problems associated with fuel poverty and potential solutions which is useful to demonstrate the simplicity of making referrals for those in community-facing roles or who make home visits.

Other Categories

The information contained within these resources was correct at the time of publication. The resources are intended as a guide/template so please check the content carefully before use and update/amend if necessary.